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Big Interior Design Trends In 2020

Posted on 20th December 2019 by Castle Hill Shutters

Homeowners who have pencilled in 2020 as the year they will redecorate their residence will be keen to find out what the latest interior design trends will be over the upcoming few months.


Read our guide to the hottest looks for next year to find out what you should be doing to your home to make sure it is bang on trend. 


  • Wooden elements


Of the interior styles that will become popular in 2020, many include natural wooden elements. The Japani trend, for instance, favours a minimalistic approach to design, and involves pale and monochrome woods.


Many homeowners will, alternatively, be trying to replicate the Scandinavian look in their house or flat, whether that is by painting their walls in a neutral colour, adding lots of textures such as weaves, rattan and wicker to the space, or swapping plastic or metal furniture for natural wood instead.


Ideal Home says these are just two interior designs that will incorporate a lot of wooden features, whether this includes furniture, statement bowls, or flooring.


Therefore, those who fit wooden shutters on to their windows will certainly be keeping up with the latest looks.


  • Let the light in


A big thing for next year will be increasing the amount of light you have in your home. Some homeowners, for instance, will be getting rid of their patio windows in favour of floor-to-ceiling bi-fold ones to enable more light to flood their kitchen or dining room.


Alternatively, some might be inclined to fit larger sash windows into their homes in order to allow more sunlight to enter, while others may simply watch how the light falls in different rooms and move furniture around accordingly so that various activities – from watching TV to reading – can be enjoyed at all times of the day.


Having shutters instead of curtains is a good option again, as they can be partially shut when it is too bright so some sunlight is let in without there being an excessive amount of glare in the room. However, they can also be fully opened on a dark day to allow as much light in as possible.


– Black


When it comes to colours, one shade that most people are wary of using is black. However, 2020 is set to see the return of jet-coloured furniture, walls and accessories in homes, according to style director for Better Homes & Garden Max Wilker.


Speaking with, he said black has been, and will continue, trending, with this colour particularly effective as long as it is used wisely.


“When you actually see how black can be used in the house with beautiful pieces of furniture and pieces of art, or black window frames and even black painted walls, it’s really a beautiful thing,” he stated, encouraging homeowners to “not be scared of it”.


Even using little bits of black can be effectual, as it “can ground a space and be exciting at the same time”.