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How to dress a bay window

Posted on 4th May 2022 by maddi kealy


Bay windows are beautiful features in themselves. If you really want yours to stand out however, below we share some great ideas for dressing this unique type of window. 

Add a window seat 

Make the most out of your bay window by adding a window seat. Some colourful cushions will make a real feature of the area and it ensures you’re utilising all the available space in the room. example of shutter installation

The additional seating will be a welcome addition when you have guests over and it’s also ideal for smaller rooms because you won’t need as many chairs taking up valuable floor space. 

Add some plants 

Bringing the outdoors inside not only adds some colour to your home, it also has tremendous effects on our health. Several studies have shown that houseplants can improve our mood, reduce fatigue, help us to focus and lower stress and anxiety. 

Bay windows make an ideal home for plants that require a lot of sunlight. If you need some ideas, here are 12 houseplants which are perfect for sunny windows. 

Make the most of the space 

If you’re not already doing so, make the most of the extra floor space bay windows create.  

You can add a built-in seating area, a breakfast nook, add a sofa or chairs, add some clever storage solutions or even build a desk. As well as being able to look outside while you’re working, it means you can enjoy a designated workspace when you’re working from home or the kids are doing their homework.  

Add a shelf 

Building a shelf under your bay window is the perfect way to create some additional storage space. You can then make a feature of it by adding plants, books, photo frames, ornaments or whatever else takes your fancy.  

Install shutters 

There’s no denying that bay windows make a stunning feature. They do present some difficulties however. Their awkward shape can make them hard to dress, they’re not great for privacy and they can let in a lot of cold air during the winter months.  

The good news is that shutters can help solve all these problems. Because they’re tailored to your window, shutters are ideal for bay windows regardless of their shape. They can also give you complete privacy while still letting in as much or as little light as you like and they offer an extra barrier which is great for security and noise and sound insulation.  

If you would like more information about the best types of shutters for bay windows, please don’t hesitate to contact Castle Hill Shutters and we’ll be more than happy to help. You can also book a free, no obligation quotation. 

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How to spring clean your window shutters

Posted on by maddi kealy


One of the greatest benefits of window shutters is that they’re so easy to care for. If you’re giving your home a thorough spring clean however and want to know how to get those shutters looking as good as new once again, below we share our top shutter cleaning tips.  

Avoid using harsh chemicals  

When conducting a thorough clean, it’s tempting to use the strongest chemicals we can find. While this may work a treat on the likes of toilets and stubborn grease stains on the kitchen hob, it may damage your shutters.  

It’s a great idea to give your shutters a thorough wipe-down occasionally but warm soapy water is all you need. The technique below is great for spring cleans or if you have marks or stains on your shutters, but we don’t recommend using full height shutters with midrail installationwater to clean your shutters regularly. 

Use the right cloth  

It’s also important to use a gentle cloth which isn’t going to scratch your shutters. Microfibre cloths work great and you don’t even have to wet them if you don’t want to risk causing water damage.  

Simply tilt the slats to the open position and give each one a thorough wipe. To ensure any remaining dust is removed, close all the slats and give the entire frame a final wipe down.  

Use a toothbrush 

A great tip for removing dust and debris from those difficult-to-reach places is to use a toothbrush. Ensure it’s clean and dry and gently sweep away any dirt from the corners or ends of the slats.  

Use a duster with a handle  

example of shutter installation


It can be tricky to get into each individual slat, especially the ones which are higher up. Using a duster with a longer handle will help you clean each individual slat and access parts of your shutters which are higher up. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune either. This dust magnet from Flash is gentle enough to use on shutters and this extendable duster is really great if you struggle to reach the top of your shutters. 



Use a vacuum cleaner 

If your vacuum cleaner has a soft upholstery attachment, you can also use this to clean your shutters. Simply use the correct attachment and clean each individual slat the same way you would with a duster.  

If you would like some more cleaning tips for your shutters or have a particularly stubborn stain you would like advice about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The team is always happy to help!  

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Window shutters for sliding and bi-fold doors

Posted on by maddi kealy

If you have sliding or bi-fold doors, you may think that shutters aren’t an option. With so many different styles now available, the great news is that there’s one to suit every type of window or door. 

For our customers who have sliding or bi-fold doors, we recommend tracked shutters. If you’re still debating whether or not to invest in shutters for your sliding or bi-fold doors, below we’ve listed some of the many benefits of tracked shutters. 

They’re easy to operate 

How your shutters will open and close may depend on the type of door you have. Either way however, they’re very easy to operate and enable you to open and close your shutters as often as you like. In most cases you simply push them to the side, giving you easy access to your outdoor space.  

They’re custom made 

Windows and doors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so your shutters should be individually tailored to your home. Here at Castle Hill Shutters, our products are made to measure to ensure they fit perfectly and seamlessly with your sliding or bi-fold doors.  

They give you more control 

Even tracked shutters come with fully adjustable louvres which means you have complete control. You can adjust them to let in as much or as little light as you need and it also means you can have more privacy when you need it. 

Better insulation 

Sliding and bi-fold doors look great but they can let in a lot of cold air during the winter months. Shutters are a great way to remove this problem because they’re great insulators. This means that as well as keeping out the chilly air when it’s cold outside, they can also help to keep your home cool on warm, sunny days.  

Increased security  

Doors are an easy way for burglars to gain access to properties. As well as looking great, shutters also act as a deterrent for criminals.  

When looking for homes to break into, burglars are always going to target the places they can gain quick and easy access to. Shutters provide an extra barrier to try and break through and also make it impossible for people to tell if someone is at home if you have the slats closed.  

You can still enjoy views of the great outdoors 

Installing shutters over your doors doesn’t mean that you lose your views of the great outdoors. This type of shutter concertinas back neatly, allowing you to fully enjoy views of your garden for those rare sunny days we get to enjoy in the UK.  

Waterproof options are available  

Bi-fold doors have become a popular addition for kitchens in recent years. If you’re worried about steam and moisture from cooking damaging your shutters, waterproof options are available.  

If you would like more information about tracked shutters for sliding or bi-fold doors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Castle Hill Shutters. We’re happy to answer any questions and can arrange a free, no obligation consultation.  

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Interior design tips for 2022

Posted on by maddi kealy


As we welcome warmer and brighter days, what better time to give your home a fresh new look? 

If you’re on the search for some decorating inspiration, here are some of our top interior design tips for 2022.  

Go green 

Play-it-safe neutrals have been in fashion for far too long. This year it’s time to get creative with bolder colours.  

With an abundance of evidence suggesting that a connection to nature has countless benefits on our physical and mental health, green is officially ‘in’ for 2022.  

Rachael Doble, co-founder of the boutique interior brand, Carmine Lake, has spoken about her excitement about seeing green colours making their way into our homes: 

“Green is an extremely versatile hue and I’m thrilled that homeowners are embracing it. It can be cozy and comforting,Example of our tier-on-tier shutters vibrant and refreshing and even dark and dramatic.”

She continued: 

“There truly is a green to suit all tastes and I believe spring 2022 will bring with it a real appetite for green homewares.” 

Sustainable materials  

Talking about going green, sustainable materials are in high demand at the moment. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact they’re having on the environment and this is starting to reflect on their interior design choices.  

You can jump on board this trend by reusing and recycling furniture or buying items which you can upcycle and give new life to. Second-hand shops, flea markets and car boot sales are great places to find suitable items. The added benefits of this is that it’s much cheaper than buying brand new items.  

Home offices 

After so many of us were told to work from home during the pandemic, home offices have become all the rage. So much so that the phrase ‘shoffice’ has been coined.  

Office sheds have become highly desirable for homeowners as our working week has more than likely changed forever. Although work from home guidance has come to an end, workers and employers have embraced the flexibility of hybrid working and many of us continue to work from home a couple days a week.  

With power, insulation and heating, shoffices are a great way to add extra space to homes and can be repurposed for other uses if your circumstances change.  

Broken plan living 

Another hugely popular trend in recent years has been open plan living. While this is great for opening up spaces and making homes look bigger, with more of us now working from home than ever before, the trend for separate living spaces is making its way back. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to completely reconstruct your home to benefit from broken plan living. There are many simple solutions which can help to divide the space in individual rooms including bookcases, wicker style screens, room dividers and shutters.  

Yes, you’ve read that correctly! Shutters aren’t just for windows. They also make great room dividers and are a simple way to transform open plan living spaces. They’re mounted on a track which means they can be opened and closed quickly and easily, giving you the best of both worlds. example of shutter installation

When you need more privacy while you’re working during the day for example, you can keep the shutters closed. If you’re having guests over in the evening, you can have the shutters open to create more space.  

If you would like more information about installing shutters as a room divider, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Castle Hill Shutters and we’ll be more than happy to help.  

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