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How to dress a bay window

Posted on 4th May 2022 by maddi kealy


Bay windows are beautiful features in themselves. If you really want yours to stand out however, below we share some great ideas for dressing this unique type of window. 

Add a window seat 

Make the most out of your bay window by adding a window seat. Some colourful cushions will make a real feature of the area and it ensures you’re utilising all the available space in the room. example of shutter installation

The additional seating will be a welcome addition when you have guests over and it’s also ideal for smaller rooms because you won’t need as many chairs taking up valuable floor space. 

Add some plants 

Bringing the outdoors inside not only adds some colour to your home, it also has tremendous effects on our health. Several studies have shown that houseplants can improve our mood, reduce fatigue, help us to focus and lower stress and anxiety. 

Bay windows make an ideal home for plants that require a lot of sunlight. If you need some ideas, here are 12 houseplants which are perfect for sunny windows. 

Make the most of the space 

If you’re not already doing so, make the most of the extra floor space bay windows create.  

You can add a built-in seating area, a breakfast nook, add a sofa or chairs, add some clever storage solutions or even build a desk. As well as being able to look outside while you’re working, it means you can enjoy a designated workspace when you’re working from home or the kids are doing their homework.  

Add a shelf 

Building a shelf under your bay window is the perfect way to create some additional storage space. You can then make a feature of it by adding plants, books, photo frames, ornaments or whatever else takes your fancy.  

Install shutters 

There’s no denying that bay windows make a stunning feature. They do present some difficulties however. Their awkward shape can make them hard to dress, they’re not great for privacy and they can let in a lot of cold air during the winter months.  

The good news is that shutters can help solve all these problems. Because they’re tailored to your window, shutters are ideal for bay windows regardless of their shape. They can also give you complete privacy while still letting in as much or as little light as you like and they offer an extra barrier which is great for security and noise and sound insulation.  

If you would like more information about the best types of shutters for bay windows, please don’t hesitate to contact Castle Hill Shutters and we’ll be more than happy to help. You can also book a free, no obligation quotation.