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How to look after your windows and window shutters in winter

Posted on 6th December 2021 by Castle Hill Shutters

Rain, ice and condensation can leave you feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to keeping your windows looking great during the winter months. Fortunately, we’re experts in all things window related so below we’ve shared some of our top tips for looking after your windows and shutters throughout the colder season.

Dealing with condensation

One of the biggest risks of damage to both your windows and shutters, is condensation. Unfortunately, this is a very common problem in winter but with the right measures, it can be managed and even prevented.example of shutter installation

· Many of us have the heating cranked up when we’re home and then set it to a very low temperature when we’re out. Maintaining a consistent temperature in your property is one of the best ways to keep condensation at bay however. Set the thermostat to a temperature that’s comfortable for your household and maintain this. You want to avoid sudden sharp increases and decreases

· We understand that the last thing you want to do in the depths of winter is open any windows. If you notice condensation however, air out the room until the moisture has subsided and wipe away any remaining condensation. The longer it sits on your windows or shutters, the more likely it is to cause long-term damage

· If you live in a property which is prone to condensation, moisture trappers such as dehumidifiers are great at reducing levels

· If possible, try to avoid hanging your washing out to dry inside. If this is unavoidable, rotate the room you’re drying your clothes to prevent too much moisture gathering in a single space. It can also help to dry your clothes in a room where you have an extractor fan or dehumidifier

Cleaning solutions

Regularly cleaning your windows and shutters will keep them looking great for years to come because it prevents the unwanted build-up of dirt. This is a great habit to get into all year round because it means that you can spot any potential issues such as condensation before it becomes a bigger problem.

Some top tips for cleaning your windows and shutters:

· Avoid harsh chemicals which can stain or strip away paint. Water with washing up liquid or screen wash is all you need. To avoid the water freezing onto your windows when it’s bitterly cold outside, use lukewarm water

· Wipe away any dust first using a soft cloth or duster such as lamb’s wool or ostrich feathers

· If you’re using a product, never spray anything directly onto your shutters. Spray onto a cloth and then wipe down your windows and shutters

· After you’ve wiped down your window frames and shutters with a damp cloth, dry them off completely. This will prevent water damage and condensation forming

For more top tips for keeping your window shutters looking great this winter or to book in for a free, no obligation quotation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Castle Hill Shutters.