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How to spring clean your window shutters

Posted on 4th May 2022 by maddi kealy


One of the greatest benefits of window shutters is that they’re so easy to care for. If you’re giving your home a thorough spring clean however and want to know how to get those shutters looking as good as new once again, below we share our top shutter cleaning tips.  

Avoid using harsh chemicals  

When conducting a thorough clean, it’s tempting to use the strongest chemicals we can find. While this may work a treat on the likes of toilets and stubborn grease stains on the kitchen hob, it may damage your shutters.  

It’s a great idea to give your shutters a thorough wipe-down occasionally but warm soapy water is all you need. The technique below is great for spring cleans or if you have marks or stains on your shutters, but we don’t recommend using full height shutters with midrail installationwater to clean your shutters regularly. 

  • Start by wiping off any dust with a dry cloth. Don’t rub too hard or use harsh products because this can ruin the paint or varnish on your shutters 
  • Fill up a container with warm soapy water (washing up liquid works well). Soak your cloth in the water and then squeeze out any excess water. You don’t want to get your shutters too wet otherwise they could warp 
  • Use a dry cloth to give your shutters a final once-over. This will ensure there’s no water left on them and not a speck of dust in sight 

Use the right cloth  

It’s also important to use a gentle cloth which isn’t going to scratch your shutters. Microfibre cloths work great and you don’t even have to wet them if you don’t want to risk causing water damage.  

Simply tilt the slats to the open position and give each one a thorough wipe. To ensure any remaining dust is removed, close all the slats and give the entire frame a final wipe down.  

Use a toothbrush 

A great tip for removing dust and debris from those difficult-to-reach places is to use a toothbrush. Ensure it’s clean and dry and gently sweep away any dirt from the corners or ends of the slats.  

Use a duster with a handle  

example of shutter installation


It can be tricky to get into each individual slat, especially the ones which are higher up. Using a duster with a longer handle will help you clean each individual slat and access parts of your shutters which are higher up. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune either. This dust magnet from Flash is gentle enough to use on shutters and this extendable duster is really great if you struggle to reach the top of your shutters. 



Use a vacuum cleaner 

If your vacuum cleaner has a soft upholstery attachment, you can also use this to clean your shutters. Simply use the correct attachment and clean each individual slat the same way you would with a duster.  

If you would like some more cleaning tips for your shutters or have a particularly stubborn stain you would like advice about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The team is always happy to help!