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Keep Warm With Shutters

Posted on 17th December 2019 by Castle Hill Shutters

This winter is set to be a cold one, and if you have a chilly house, shutters may be a good bet for improving the efficiency of your home.


Shutters are used in a lot of warm countries to keep the warmth out and keep a home cool during the hottest parts of the year, but shutters can also be very useful and keeping heat in. 



The problem with windows

Up to 25 per cent of the heat in your home will be lost through windows so any changes you make here can be really important for improving the energy efficiency of your home.


Double glazing is a great, but expensive way to improve the amount of heat lost through your windows, and shutters can improve this investment further still.



Why do shutters work?

 One option with shutters is opening the slats during the day so that the light comes through the window and heats up the room, and then close them at night to keep the heat in. (This is the opposite of what would work in the summer when trying to cool a house down).


The gap in-between the shutter and the window acts as insulation and ‘traps’ air there which acts as a barrier to the cold. Curtains can have a similar effect but shutters are much thicker than windows and are therefore a great option for improving insulation.


The fact you can open slats on shutters also helps with air circulation which can in turn reduce the risk of condensation and mould forming in your home. Both of these require greater heating to get rid of, so by avoiding these you can minimise the need for heating your home.



Other benefits

Shutters are a great way to soundproof your home as they are thick and also because of the air gap they produce between the window and the shutter.



Why improving energy efficiency is important

Climate change is an important issue that is on everybody’s lips and improving the energy efficiency of our homes is a great place to make a start.

It is said the average home in the UK has an average energy bill of £1,326 per year – which is split between electricity and gas. This of course changes dramatically based on the size and style of your home, the age of it and materials used to build it.


Housing makes up nearly one third of energy usage in this country and so any efforts to reduce this energy burden will make a significant impact on the total amount of energy used in this country.


By reducing the overall energy burden of this country carbon emissions will be reduced, but also the amount of energy required to run the country will be reduced. Reducing peak demand will help to improve the opportunities to use renewable energy. The total amount of renewable energy used last year was the highest ever, but peak demand needs to be reduced for this to be improved.  


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