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Take A Look At Some Top Shutter Inspiration

Posted on 31st October 2019 by Castle Hill Shutters

If you like the idea of fitting interior shutters in Berkshire but aren’t quite sure how this will work in your home, take a look at some of the ideas recently shared by Dezeen.


The design publication has created a Pinterest board entirely dedicated to shutters, giving you plenty of ideas of how you could incorporate this kind of feature in your home.


Shutters work in a variety of design contexts, with the idea for this particular Pinterest board inspired by the top trends identified by the judges of the Dezeen Awards 2019 longlist. Cabins were one trend that was picked out, and shutters certainly look the part on these kinds of properties.


Another was the trend for slatted timber facades, with several buildings singled out for using these elements in a new and interesting way. Wooden shutters look great in any home though, and can really change the ambience of a room.


While full-height shutters are one option, another thing to consider, especially if your property has tall windows, is cafe-style shutters that only cover the bottom portion of the window while letting plenty of light in through the top areas.


This can give you privacy without overly reducing the light levels in a room. Tier-on-tier shutters, meanwhile, give you two sets of panels, allowing you to open the top tier while leaving the bottom ones closed to give you more privacy.


The Dezeen Pinterest board showcases shutters made out of different kinds of metals too, which give a building a much more industrial appearance.