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What Are Plantation Shutters?

Posted on 16th January 2020 by Castle Hill Shutters

Taking your time and doing some research when tackling home improvement projects is always wise, whether you’re doing something simple like changing up the paint colours or perhaps thinking about a bigger job like an extension or loft conversion. 


What you don’t want to do is jump in feet first, spend lots of money and then end up regretting the decisions you’ve made a few months down the line. Giving everything proper consideration and thought will mean you know you’re going to like the end result and won’t end up out of pocket, stuck with home decor that you don’t like.  


This is certainly true for window treatments at home, not least because there are so many options available to you, whether you’d prefer to have heavy drapes hung up in your living spaces or would rather go for something like wooden shutters in various rooms.


Where shutters are concerned, you have numerous options available to you but it might well be that plantation shutters are the way forward for you and your home.


These kinds of shutters were first seen in plantation homes in the Old South over in the US, installed on property exteriors to provide much-needed protection from the heat of the sun. These days, however, they’ve become a very popular option for home interiors as well as exteriors and are a very contemporary way to style your house.


Plantation shutters are typically made of wood and they come in a range of different colours, so you’re sure to be able to find a set that tie in well with the rest of your interior design choices. Also don’t be concerned if you have an unusual window opening – you may well still be able to hang shutters here, as some sets can be custom ordered so you can enjoy a more accurate fit.


Wherever you decide to hang them and whatever colour you decide to go for, what you will notice immediately after installation is just how versatile these window treatments are. Open them up wide to let the daylight flood into your home and then close them up entirely for complete privacy, as well as blocking out heat and light.


The slats in these shutters are also adjustable so you can retain complete control over the amount of light that comes into your living spaces, in much the same way as vertical or Venetian blinds – but with added style.


If energy efficiency is a key concern for you as a homeowner right now, shutters would also represent a brilliant choice since you can trap heat in your home or let it flow out as you see fit.


Do you think plantation shutters are right for your Berkshire home? Get in touch with us today to find out more.