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Why you should choose solid window shutters for your home.

Posted on 24th January 2022 by Castle Hill Shutters


The easy part is deciding that you want window shutters in your home. The difficult part is figuring out which style to go for when there are so many great options available.

Some styles will of course be better suited to your property than others, so it’s a good idea to do your research beforehand or call in the experts for a helping hand.

One of the things we love most about solid shutters however, is that they’re one of the most versatile styles and can usually be customised to suit any window.

Aside from this major selling point, below we’ve listed some other great reasons to choose solid window shutters for your home.

They look great

Solid window shutters act as a real feature and add timeless style to any property. They’re ideal for anyone who wants to make a statement without being overbearing or worrying about their design going out of fashion.tier on tier shutters installation

Shutters have been a popular window dressing since the 1500s and seem to gain in popularity with every decade that passes. You can be rest assured that they’re never going out of fashion and are a worthwhile investment.


Made from a solid wooden panel, this style of shutter offers ultimate privacy. This is great for bedrooms and rooms which are overlooked by the neighbours, buildings or are on street level.

They’re great insulators

If you’re looking for an all-round great insulator, solid shutters are your best bet. They can’t be beaten when it comes to blocking out the light which is great for those hot and sunny days or if there’s a bright streetlight outside your bedroom.

They also act as a highly effective sound barrier which is ideal for properties in busy areas and they’re perfect for keeping out the cold during the winter months.

As well as ensuring that your home stays nice and warm, solid shutters can save you a substantial amount on your heating bills.

example of shutter installationThey’re versatile

Did you know that solid shutters can also be used to cover doors and wardrobes? This can be done for decorative purposes or to add an extra layer of ventilation if your doors are letting in a lot of cold air.

They also make great free-standing screens and room dividers which is perfect in today’s modern-day setup where so many of us are now working from home. 

Bespoke made

Shutters can last a lifetime so it’s important that you’re 100% happy with the style and fit.

Castle Hill Shutters offers a free, no obligation consultation so you can be rest assured you’re getting exactly what you want. One of our expert fitters will listen to your requirements and assess your windows so we can advise on suitable styles. We’ll also measure everything we need while we’re there so if you decide to choose us, we won’t need to come around again.

All our shutters are bespoke made and can therefore fit almost any size or shaped window.

For further information or to book your free quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Castle Hill Shutters today.