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Window shutters for sliding and bi-fold doors

Posted on 4th May 2022 by maddi kealy

If you have sliding or bi-fold doors, you may think that shutters aren’t an option. With so many different styles now available, the great news is that there’s one to suit every type of window or door. 

For our customers who have sliding or bi-fold doors, we recommend tracked shutters. If you’re still debating whether or not to invest in shutters for your sliding or bi-fold doors, below we’ve listed some of the many benefits of tracked shutters. 

They’re easy to operate 

How your shutters will open and close may depend on the type of door you have. Either way however, they’re very easy to operate and enable you to open and close your shutters as often as you like. In most cases you simply push them to the side, giving you easy access to your outdoor space.  

They’re custom made 

Windows and doors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so your shutters should be individually tailored to your home. Here at Castle Hill Shutters, our products are made to measure to ensure they fit perfectly and seamlessly with your sliding or bi-fold doors.  

They give you more control 

Even tracked shutters come with fully adjustable louvres which means you have complete control. You can adjust them to let in as much or as little light as you need and it also means you can have more privacy when you need it. 

Better insulation 

Sliding and bi-fold doors look great but they can let in a lot of cold air during the winter months. Shutters are a great way to remove this problem because they’re great insulators. This means that as well as keeping out the chilly air when it’s cold outside, they can also help to keep your home cool on warm, sunny days.  

Increased security  

Doors are an easy way for burglars to gain access to properties. As well as looking great, shutters also act as a deterrent for criminals.  

When looking for homes to break into, burglars are always going to target the places they can gain quick and easy access to. Shutters provide an extra barrier to try and break through and also make it impossible for people to tell if someone is at home if you have the slats closed.  

You can still enjoy views of the great outdoors 

Installing shutters over your doors doesn’t mean that you lose your views of the great outdoors. This type of shutter concertinas back neatly, allowing you to fully enjoy views of your garden for those rare sunny days we get to enjoy in the UK.  

Waterproof options are available  

Bi-fold doors have become a popular addition for kitchens in recent years. If you’re worried about steam and moisture from cooking damaging your shutters, waterproof options are available.  

If you would like more information about tracked shutters for sliding or bi-fold doors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Castle Hill Shutters. We’re happy to answer any questions and can arrange a free, no obligation consultation.